Corporate Catering | Off-Premise Catering

The Premier Caterer of Indianapolis

Each year, we cater over 1,000 events both at our venue and throughout Indiana. These events range from backyard barbecues, to high end weddings to 700+ guest corporate events and community celebrations. 

We pride ourselves on delivering 3 things: Premier Catering, Exceptional Venues, and Exceptional Service.

Planning an event can be a challenge. It takes many hours, strong skill sets and attention to detail. We'll work to tailor our menu to your liking, and deliver our signature service to ensure that your event is THE event.

Whether you are looking for breakfast buffets, food for luncheons, summits or even employee training classes we can customize everything to buffets, box lunches, conference dinners or even our exemplary culinary packages for your parties.

Pipers is your go-to choice for full-service catering at our venue or yours. We want to make sure we bring the level of excellence that we share with our guests at Pipers at the Marott to your business, indoor or outdoor venue. Feel free to contact one of our event specialist to customize your menu to your needs.